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Building tools and fostering the community to equip developers to champion the Developer Experience they deserve.

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About Us

The DevEx Institute exists to equip developers and practitioners with the resources they need to advocate for the tools and services that optimize their developer experience (DevEx). We’re a developer-centric organization, independent of any vendors.

Imagine a world where developers have the power to shape their ideal development environment. That’s the future we’re working towards. By uniting developers and practitioners, we can transform DevEx from a silent wish list to a prioritized business objective.

Our Purpose

  • Collaborative Community

    Fostering a vibrant developer community where you can share best practices, exchange strategies, and amplify your voice.

  • Advocacy Tools

    Developing resources and frameworks specifically designed to help developers build strong business cases for the DevEx improvements they need.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Conducting research and gathering real-world data to highlight DevEx, from the bottom-up.

The Team

  • Jeremy Meiss

    Jeremy Meiss


    Jeremy is a seasoned Developer Relations and Community leader with nearly three decades of versatile experience in the tech industry, from support, networking, systems, databases, and application and website development, to developer relations and community engagement. With extensive experience at SMBs and enterprise companies like Auth0, CircleCI, Sprint, and Hallmark Cards, Jeremy is recognized for his committed advocacy for open-source software and tools, and his deep passion for developer relations, community, and their role in improving the developer experience. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is a devoted husband and father, is extremely passionate about coffee, the mountains, and exploring new technologies, creating a unique blend of technical proficiency and personal interests that drive his success in the industry.

  • Jessica West

    Jessica West


    Jessica boasts an impressive two-decade career encompassing management, marketing, sales, and engineering roles. She is renowned for her results-driven approach and the ability to galvanize teams for operational excellence. Jessica is a master collaborator, seamlessly bridging the gap between diverse teams and domains, from product development to marketing and engineering. Her unwavering commitment to outcomes and high-impact leadership make her a go-to choice for organizations seeking transformative change. With a passion for community building, Jessica's visionary leadership extends beyond her professional life, creating serendipitous connections and generously sharing her expertise. She is a captivating speaker, influencer, and brand ambassador known for her ability to make technical concepts meaningful and memorable. Jessica West is a dynamic force shaping the future of high-growth, high-performing companies.

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We’re here to support you in your DevEx advocacy journey. Have questions about what we’re building? Want to share your DevEx wins? Reach out and connect with the DevEx community! And if you’re a company looking for how you can boost your Developer Experience, internally and externally, let’s talk.